New Sermon Series on Biblical Festivals

series-DSFI Seven Feasts of Israel.titleIt was God in Leviticus 23 who instituted the celebrations at certain specific times of the year so that the people of Israel would remember both their past and their future as related to the coming Messiah. When we learn all about these Festivals we also will remember our joint past with the Jews and our future with our Messiah Jesus Christ.  Pastor Dale Shunk will continue with the background and meaning of the seven Jewish Festivals with all their symbolism that reveals the plans of redemption through our Messiah Jesus Christ.  The message on Sunday, March 1st will include the subject of “The Four Blood Moons” that we are now seeing in 2014 and 2015 and what it means for the future.

Let’s tear down the mystery around the Jewish Festivals and go deeper in our knowledge and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.